LARRY DUTTON, Manchester, NH

“I try to make people laugh,” says Larry, a MOWs driver who works out of the Carpenter Center in Manchester. “Sometimes depending on the client, I’ll think of some jokes in advance. . .it’s a small thing, but I think it means a lot.” Larry first came to MOWs in 2006 and over his 15 years with the agency, has served hundreds of clients across Manchester, Auburn and Bedford-among other towns. In addition to delivering meals, he helps with packaging and set up, often double-checking his client’s meals to ensure they get what they need.

Beyond what he calls “the satisfaction from doing the work,” Larry very much enjoys the team dynamic at Carpenter Center. “It’s a wonderful group of the people,” he shares. “There’s a real sense of camaraderie here.” Like many drivers, Larry is acutely aware of the issues some MOWs clients face around social isolation, especially in the wake of the pandemic. He estimates that a visit can average about 10 minutes, but he’s not one to check the clock when interacting with a client. “I try to spend the time I think they need,” he says.